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Some Tips for Those Sports Betters Struggling with Losing Streaks

losing money on sports gambling

It only feels this way (Photo: Bet Stories)

No matter what, It’s not as bad as you think.

So you’ve decided to jump into the fabulous world of sports betting. And worse yet, you proven to be pretty darn good at it. Well at least that’s what you thought before your losing streak. Confused? Did your “winning streak” make you feel like a betting genius? Well remember the simple fact that losing is part of the definition of gambling. You’re not a part of some sports scandal. The athletes you wage your money on lose as well. Why should the rules be any different than it is for the people you’re gambling on? Let’s look at some things you can do to “medicate” yourself while you keep hope alive.

Learning how to get over yourself

hot streak

Don’t let a hot streak lead you astray (Photo: Bossier Press)

There’s nothing more misleading than the “hot streak.” A hot streak can be a recipe for disaster if not handled appropriately. You might say that’s crazy talk, the danger lies in the false sense of security that has been built up. At one point, you feel like the man with a plan. It’s so easy to think “I’m such a good handicapper nothing can touch me.” Remember that streaks come and go. And come. And go. Did I mention that they go?

First, as difficult as it might be, try to dig deep down in what’s left of your sole and consider all the poor, miserable bastards like me who’ve never won a sporting bet. You are way ahead of the curve. I don’t care if you bet honestly or cheat in sports, I don’t feel sorry for you. If this article pertains to you, that means you’ve been a winner. In fact, I don’t even know why the Hell I’m writing this article, but I will continue to in good faith nevertheless.

Forgive me for getting metaphysical on you, but you’ll need a slight attitude adjustment to get out of your losing streak. So go look at yourself in the mirror (alone is preferable) and say to yourself “my losing streak doesn’t make me a loser.” If you believe this. I mean when you believe this, it will hopefully cause a turnaround in your bad luck. If you continue to think you’re a loser then go somewhere, have a good cry or go to the pub.

People who gamble for a living go through the same things. Unlike the rest of the sports betting populace, the professionals know when they are in a slump that it won’t be for long. That’s why they’re the professionals. At least pretend to keep your composure and know the more you think about losing the more you’ll attract it into your life.

The changes you should make with your sports betting

losing money gambling on sports

How about betting less? (Photo: Gid Po Stavkam)

In a losing streak, you should definitely have a plan for getting out. But you shouldn’t abandon the very qualities that put you in that winning streak to begin with. That means do not change your handicapping method. Yes under the pressure of losing, you may want to change the way you handicap a game out of desperation. Instead, keep your handicapping the way it is and change some other things first.

Now if there were some flaws to begin with, in terms of your handicapping, maybe you might want to consider some changes. The professionals may do the same thing, but they also know the possibility of a calculated loss when they apply these changes. When Tiger Woods made changes to his swing, it took years for him to get back into form. Unfortunately, he’s still recovering from the changes he made to his “game” away from the golf course.

How about betting less money. There’s some rocket science for you. Any better who takes themselves seriously, would make some system for managing their money so that the longer they loss, the less money they bet. Try this test out. Leave your ATM, credit cards and walk out of your home with a small amount of cash. Now go to place where you normally would spend money like a shopping mall or something.

Notice as you spend more money, the less you have. Also notice the less money you have, the less you can buy. So naturally, as your money starts to go “bye bye”, you will spend less. Same way with sports betting. If you start to lose, be less so you won’t lose all your money. Remember, it’s better to make a sporting blunder, than to be one.

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